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Established in the winter of 1999 Gravesend converged to create a sound distinctly their own. Interested in playing something more heartfelt and sincere as well as brutal and intense, founding members John Surdakowski (guitar), Igor Gordon (Vocals), Joe Parrish (Guitar) and Andrew Greenberg (Bass) began writing songs that combined their hard rock and metal influences with a emo and hardcore emphasis.

Since the band's inception, they have amassed a large and devoted hometown crowd, largely thanks to their energetic, visceral live shows. From large venues such as Lamour, CBGB and The Birch Hill to basements and veteran halls, they have performed with a wide range of bands, including but not limited to: Biohazard, The Misfits, Shai Hulud, Candiria, Shutdown and Sworn Enemy to name a few. The band has toured the New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas for the past three years, sacrificing everything for the opportunity to play in front of new fans.

Gravesend began releasing demo recordings in 2001. All cd's recieved air-play on numerous radio station such as: 89.5 FM WSOU, 88.9 FM WSIA, and multiple online stations. The band released thier first EP titled "Promises" in 2003 that effectively showcases the bands songwriting prowess and versatility. The band began receiving great reviews from the likes of "Americias Best Rock", "Transending the Mundane" and "Metal Gospel." In 2003 Gravesend recieved a sponsorship from "Dirtbag Clothing" who sponsor bands such as Sepultura, Spineshank and Chimeria.

A few line up changes have been madeover the past three years. From origanal drummer Mike S. to Jeff Bloom. Gravesend continues to tour in support of thier album gaining even more respect and a larger following then already obtained.